Benefits of Massage Therapy

Many believe that massage therapy should be an integral part of any rehabilitation regime, whether you play sport or not, as it helps to accelerate recovery, reduce pain and bring back mobility anywhere in the body. Some of the main benefits of massage are listed below.


  • Improves joint mobility.

  • Relieves muscle tightness, spasms and restrictions in muscle tissue.

  • Alleviates swelling through lymphatic drainage system.

  • Relieves pain.

  • Improved circulation to all cells of the body.

  • Strengthens immune system due to increase of white blood cells.

  • Reduces muscle fatigue due to improved supply of oxygen to muscle cells.

  • Improves posture and decreases muscle tension from desk/computer based work.

  • Decreases heart rate. 

  • Reduces anxiety and stress.

  • Promotes a feeling of well being through the release of endorphins. 

  • Strengthens immune system.

  • Helps prevent injuries.

  • Boosts performance.


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