About Remedial & Sports Massage Therapy

Remedial massage is a very precise treatment which  was first recognised over 4000 years ago as an effective remedy to deal with injury to muscles, ligaments and tendons.


A majority of the aches and pains we feel are due to the lifestyles we lead. These lifestyle stresses and strains cause minor soft tissue damage which may recover naturally over time but can often develop into more serious and complex problems. Remedial massage has been shown to be a fast and effective way of dealing with these soft tissue conditions by assisting the body's natural healing processes.


With more serious injuries there is almost certainly going to be secondary soft tissue injury. The body compensates to protect the injury causing stresses and strains in other parts of the body. This can hinder a good recovery. Remedial massage alongside medical treatment can be vital in aiding a good and swift recovery. 


The distinction between a sports injury or an injury caused by lifestyle is not always clear. During a sports massage the focus is on recovery from training and early identification and treatment of potential soft tissue problems. Through massage I can assess how you are responding and help you to fine tune your training to avoid injury.